Our tools custom-tailored and facilitated to help your team solve your challenge faster

Get a quick win, a long-term culture win, and help your team create progress

Our tools custom-tailored and facilitated to help your team solve your challenge faster

Get a quick win, a long-term culture win and help your team create progress

You don't want to hire someone to solve your problems for you.

You just want to be pointed in the right direction, and shown the best tools to ensure you're effective.

You want a Sidekick!

Sidekick's Facilitated Process works for:

Solving Strategic Challenges,  New Products,  New Business Models,  Customer Experience and Customer Engagement,  Defining Strategy,  Visioning,  Creativity,  Internal Processes,  Summits and Retreats

THE SIDEKICK SPRINT - 4 Meetings Over 4 Weeks...

Let's Start Simple...One team we recently partnered with took on a project with a Sprint

  • They built success criteria
  • Performed interviews with clients to gather insights
  • Prototyped a solution and a splash webpage
  • Aligned on strategy to solve the challenge
  • Got buy-in from the Senior Leaders
  • Learned tools to creatively address challenges as a team in the future

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Recent Client Examples

A Social-Enterprise Accelerator


The board came together for a one-day visioning summit. Participants aligned, established success criteria together, worked from a place of understanding what was working well and used our visioning exercise to establish a co-developed 10-year target. Future board meetings will be about defining the strategies and products to project forward to their vision.

A Student Athlete Foundation 

New Messaging & New Site

Following federal tax code changes, a diverse group of colleagues from this institution ran a project to define messaging and prototype a new landing page for their foundation. They met only 3 times before presenting to the Director who gave a rave review and a green-light. The project included interviews with clients providing valuable insight for addressing additional challenges.

A Professional Sports Franchise

Research & Reframing

We helped conduct Jobs-To-Be-Done interviews with dozens of this team’s highest paying premium clients. These long-form interviews lead to insights that helped sales staff and reframed executive thoughts on what the real-challenges were.

A Thinktank                                                                      

New Products

A one-day creative summit to bring cohesion to a team, shift their inner-condition to be ready for a new business model, and creativity facilitation to define new products to support a large research project. This project uses Human-Centered design to create products for public educators seeking to implement benefits discovered in the research.

How We Do It

We obsess over making your process effective every step of the way


We give agency to the individuals on your team, maximize their performance by turning up their awareness, and get them ready for change.


The question we ask influences the outcome we get - we help you frame and reframe your challenge or opportunity to ensure your desired outcome. 

Accelerate Learning

We help provide research and stimulus to ensure your team learns new insights and adds to their perspective. This added value can be used for future projects and teamwork as well. 

Facilitate Cohesion

We ensure your team works together with speed to connect to stakeholders, define strategy, create / find a solution and build the prototype or process to execute. It works and people love it because we insist the people who work with the challenge have a hand in the solution. 


Implementation is key. Both putting new practices & models into action to grow the business and/or using the new learning from the project requires buy-in. We prepare the team with proven methods to make this happen. 

Sidekick Innovation's systematic approach helps your team solve your strategic challenges faster.

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