Align your team to solve strategic challenges and make quick progress

Align your team to solve strategic challenges and make quick progress

You don't want to hire someone to solve your problems for you.

You just want to be pointed in the right direction, and shown the tools to ensure you make progress.

You want a Sidekick!

Sidekick Guided Projects works for:

Solving Strategic Challenges,  New Products,  New Business Models,  Customer Experience and Customer Engagement,  Defining Strategy,  Visioning,  Creativity,  Internal Processes,  Summits and Retreats

We use creativity and play, tactical tools from behavioral, medical, neuro, and social sciences, as well as human-centered design and jobs-to-be-done theory in our approach.

THE SIDEKICK SPRINT - 4 Meetings Over 4 Weeks...

Start simple just like one team we recently partnered with; they took on a project with a Sprint

  • They built success criteria
  • Performed interviews with clients to gather insights
  • Prototyped a solution and a splash webpage
  • Aligned on strategy to solve the challenge
  • Got buy-in from the Senior Leaders
  • Learned tools to creatively address challenges as a team in the future

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Recent Client Examples

Global Premium Experiences Company

Global Premium Experiences Company

We designed a guided process for 100+ global venues to crowdsource solutions and implement better solutions.

Student Athlete Foundation

Student Athlete Foundation

New Messaging & New Site
In 3 mtgs, this team interviewed clients, defined messaging, prototyped a new foundation site, and got buy-in to implement from the AD.

Power 5 Football Program

Power 5 Football Program

Fan Experience
The fall fan survey led to a project to improve the foundation tailgate, concessions, restrooms and parking in the football experience for less than $1M.

How We Do It

We obsess over making your process effective every step of the way

1. Prep for change

Giving agency, and prepping for change with your team members leads to solutions rather than wasted time. 

2. Accelerate Learning

We help provide research and stimulus to ensure your team learns new insights and generates new perspectives. 

3. Frame the Challenge

The question we ask influences the outcome we get. We help you frame and reframe your challenge focusing on the result you want to create rather than the problem. 

4. Find or Create Solutions

Go beyond brainstorming. Use tactical tools to identify concepts to try with your team aligned around the effort. 

5. Implementation

Putting new concepts into action or using new learning from projects requires buy-in. We prepare you to implement as intrapreneurs. 

Sidekick Innovation's systematic approach helps your team solve your strategic challenges faster.

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