Prepare your people to manage change and solve challenges and give them the tools to do it effectively

Prepare your people to manage change and solve challenges and give them the tools to do it effectively

Would you like to know the ONE thing you and your team need to do exceptionally well in order to be exceptional at making progress together?

"The Sidekick Way" Interactive Workshop

Experience the tools you need to succeed at work in an age of automation

  • Shift Your Inner Condition

    So you can maximize your performance, increase awareness, move past habit and be ready for change. 

  • See Reality and Beyond the Apparent

    The best tool for seeing things as they really are so you can identify constraints, understand your blindspot, and increase your attention and intention in projects. 

  • How to Change Structure

    Learn to direct projects, teams and culture where you want them to go.

  • How to Frame Challenges and Opportunities

    Ask a better question to solve the right issue rather than wasting time getting solutions you don't want or solving problems that don't matter. 

  • Find or Create Solutions

    Beyond brainstorming, the most effective tools to identify concepts and technologies to try while aligning your team

  • How to Implement

    Tools to clarify your message, make every meeting matter, and help your team put your new solution into practice to grow your business.

One-on-One Sidekick Coaching

Strategic growth starts with personal growth.

We offer individual coaching to a limited group of founders, intrapreneurs, and growing leaders. 

Our work together includes: 

  • Personal Assessment
  • Tools to maximize your performance in an age of automation
  • Learning frameworks that help you guide solving strategic challenges
  • How to create cohesion and get smarter decisions among groups
  • Competencies to facilitate this for your company
  • Sidekick Toolkit

There are additional options that include personal development challenges, real-time facilitation guidance and feedback, medical assessment for performance and invites to Sidekick events and trainings. 

To find out more schedule a call. 

"No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it." Albert Einstein

We’ve Taught and Facilitated for Several Organizations Just Like Yours.

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