Prepare your people to manage change and solve challenges

Prepare your people to manage change and solve challenges

"The Sidekick Way" Interactive Workshop

You should have been taught these tools in school (we teach them at UCF); because you need them to solve everyday challenges. 

  • Does your team know how to prepare for change?

    Change isn't the enemy, habit is. Learn to shift your inner condition and prepare for change on the front-end so your effort leads to a solutions rather than wasted-time. 

  • Does your team know the right problem to solve?

    There are two key elements to framing challenges that go overlooked. Learn key tactics to get solutions you want and avoid solving problems that don't matter. 

  • Does your team know how to find or create solutions that stick?

    Beyond brainstorming. Learn tactical, not ethereal, tools to identify concepts to try while aligning your team. 

  • Does your team know how to implement solutions that make progress?

    There is no progress made if no action is taken. Learn tools to be successful as intrapreneurs with new implementations.

One-on-One Sidekick Coaching

Strategic growth starts with personal growth.

We offer individual coaching to a limited group of founders, intrapreneurs, and growing leaders. 

Our work together includes: 

  • Personal Assessment
  • Tools to maximize your performance in an age of automation
  • Learning frameworks that help you guide solving strategic challenges
  • How to create cohesion and get smarter decisions among groups
  • Competencies to facilitate this for your company
  • Sidekick Toolkit

There are additional options that include personal development challenges, real-time facilitation guidance and feedback, medical assessment for performance and invites to Sidekick events and trainings. 

To find out more schedule a call. 

"No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it." Albert Einstein

We’ve Taught and Facilitated for Several Organizations Just Like Yours.

Would you like to know the ONE thing you and your team need to do exceptionally well to be exceptional at making progress together?

Hint* It deals with prepping for change!

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