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A unique process combining behavioral-based human performance tools with frameworks like creative-problem solving to unlock your ability to navigate and conquer change.

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Your challenges are increasing. Getting your team and stakeholders aligned is difficult. And, 75% of leaders do not believe they are utilizing their creative potential to solve problems.
No wonder progress feels slow.

But, if you create the right set of circumstances in your brain and the right set of circumstances in your environment, then creativity and change aren’t just possible,
they are probable.

Someone is going to facilitate your session whether it's with your intent or by default. What if it is possible to prime your team to work together across stakeholders, and free yourself to participate in the solutions without overburdenting your workload...

There's good news...

We are your Sidekick

With our unique human-performance facilitation method, teams move beyond the past to create &
adopt shared vision, relevant solutions and innovation from within.

Latest Insights

Transform Feedback

How to Really do Feedback with your TeaM!

People talk about feedback but most of us were never taught the tactics of it. I believe learning something is best experienced - so here is a tool and a SUPER HELPFUL phrase you can use.

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Openness Over Intros

How to kick off a gathering without intros!

The purpose of kicking off your gathering is not to get everyone to know everyone. The purpose of kicking off your meeting is to create openness. In this video I share a great way to do just that.

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3 Ways to Get

The Worst Way to Share an Idea Is to Say “I Have an Idea”

We've all been faced with the question, "HOW CAN I GET MY IDEAS HEARD?" Here are 3 ways to quickly get past barriers so you can actually use your ideas and bring your talent forward.

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