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Before you can make change happen, you need to be change ready.

We teach science-based tools to drive and adopt change; and we facilitate your strategic initiatives so you can participate and innovate faster.

Collaboration Training - Live / Online Summer 2022

Path to Performance

Unleash your team's peak states of collaboration using science-based tools to maximize physiology and psychology. Email to learn more.

Design Thinking Training - Live

Design Thinking for Implementation

Experience design thinking and learn the path to using it to implement solutions & new products your business values.

Creativity Training - Live

The Alchemy of Creativity

Creativity is a renewable resource, if you can access it. Experience how to access creativity mindsets and the tools for leading creative teams - Email to Learn More.

Meeting Training - Live

Make Every Meeting Matter

99.99% of people never had a class on how to run a meeting. Learn to lead effective gatherings. Email to learn more.

Decisions Made Simple Training - Live

Forward Faster - Converging Tools

Avoid the 5 ways groups self-sabotage, and enlist the 10 facilitation tools to help your group reduce failures and move forward, faster.

Facilitation Training - Mult-Session

Facilitation Coaching

Help your team showcase what the World Economic Forum calls the top skills for 2025 and beyond? Learn to facilitate with us. Email to Apply.

Design Thinking Sprints

Build Solutions & Products

Build valuable, team-driven solutions that get adopted, using design frameworks in a sprint format. See an example - Sidekick Sprint.

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Build Alignment & Take Action

Innovation strategy & org transformation partner. Make your work, or retreat effective with advisory and facilitation services.

Bonus: Make Every Meeting Matter Guide

Positive Corp Culture Experiences

Business-wide Innovation Experiences

Transform your staff into startup founders in a 1-3 day event to energize the workplace with new ideas and new learning. HyperValidation

Engage and Connect Your Audience


We've led highly interactive sessions internationally on creativity, change, innovation, and collaboration.

We are your Sidekick

With our unique Perform Path facilitation method, teams move beyond the past to
create fast and effective team driven solutions.

Latest Insights

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Use Story to Change Attitudes, Behaviors, And Beliefs

Stories have the power to change our attitudes, behaviors and beliefs. What are the 3 key factors and what is the surprising result of the story being labeled fact or fiction?

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Leadership Change

How to Get Leaders to Adopt Change

In this video, I share the two things you need to do to guide your leaders to adopt change. Win the day!

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How to Make Your Audience Remember More

If you’ve ever wanted to know “why” you shouldn’t just share what you know when teaching your colleagues or kids - watch this!

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