Perform Better Together

We help your team be future ready and create solutions without overburdening your workload.

Leaders ask...

How do we keep up with increasingly complex challenges?

The Answer?

But let's face it...


Innovation is more than a roundtable session or another new digital tool.


Innovation isn’t one person’s problem. Teams rise and fall together. 


Time is of the essence because challenges just keep coming.

The key to successful innovation is your people.

People care about what they help to create.

That's where Sidekick Innovation comes in...

We are your Sidekick

to transform your team into creative innovators so they drive progress...together.

About Sidekick Innovation

We believe everyone is creative and that your team is capable of delivering the solutions you need.

Here’s the key: People care about what they help to create. This is why you want your people to drive the progress rather than hire outsiders to solve challenges for you. And when you do a culture of innovation emerges.

Our group of advisors from a wide field of expertise will help point you in the right direction while we facilitate the process to ensure you make progress quickly.

Our founder, Jack Elkins, started Sidekick after building the first Innovation Lab in the NBA at the Orlando Magic. We’ve seen it work there and with other teams just like yours.

Collaboration is humanity’s greatest superpower. Let’s ignite it together!

What solution will drive
breakthrough results in your organization?


Perform Better Together when we facilitate the process so you can create the outcomes you envision faster.


Develop your creative leaders and internal innovation catalysts with a customized, private, 2-day workshop.

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