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Before you can make change happen, you need to be change ready.

Level up your business team's abilities with our team-based trainings and Sidekick facilitators.

Peak Group Decision Making Workshop

Science of Decision Making

Stop sabotaging your efforts because of groupthink issues and unleash the your group's ability to move forward, faster. To learn more email:

Design Thinking Workshop

Science of Design Thinking for Implementation

Don't just learn design thinking, experience it; and learn the path to using it to implement solutions & new products your business values.

Unleash Creativity for the 'Future of Work'

Science of Creativity

Creativity is a renewable resource, if you can access it. Experience how to access creativity and the tools for leading creative teams - Email to Learn More.

Engage and Connect Your Audience

Facilitated Board Retreats / Executive Leadership Retreats

We help design and lead interactive sessions that align, captures insights, builds solutions, and prioritizes areas for change for future work.

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Build Alignment & Take Action


We're your Innovation strategy & org transformation partner. You should never feel overburdened by your innovation and leadership development initiatives.

Bonus: Make Every Meeting Matter Guide

We are your Sidekick

Our unique Perform Path facilitation method makes teams change ready
so they can create fast and effective, team-driven solutions.

Create a Vision Worth Pursuing

Discover how to make yourself vision ready and get a step-by-step approach to creating visions worth pursuing. Because whether you're a...

  • Business leader guiding your team
  • A one-person show looking to grow
  • Or a business coach looking to guide your client...

...Nothing motivates more than complete clarity around where you are going.

You've just been missing the steps and the protocols for how you get into the thinking states for creating your vision...until now.

Create.Vision - A protocol for visionary thinking and a step-by-step guide for creating mission, vision and values.


This one 30-minute phone call will do more to make your team collaborations matter than anything you try this year.

Learn how to install Sidekick Innovation's method into your business so you can drive and adopt change...rather than allow change to drive you.

Latest Insights

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Use Story to Change Attitudes, Behaviors, And Beliefs

Stories have the power to change our attitudes, behaviors and beliefs. What are the 3 key factors and what is the surprising result of the story being labeled fact or fiction?

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Leadership Change

How to Get Leaders to Adopt Change

In this video, I share the two things you need to do to guide your leaders to adopt change. Win the day!

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How to Make Your Audience Remember More

If you’ve ever wanted to know “why” you shouldn’t just share what you know when teaching your colleagues or kids - watch this!

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