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A partner for leaders who know that caring about the development of their teams leads to business progress

Our Story

Hi I’m Jack Elkins, Chief Sidekick at Sidekick Innovation. After a brain injury when I was younger, I started to learn about how we optimize our performance. After other physical injuries kept me from playing amateur sports, I turned my attention to how we optimize our efforts to perform together in business; and I created the first innovation lab in the NBA at the Orlando Magic. At the Magic, our efforts led to a creative, adaptive culture and breakthrough results.

At Sidekick, we know you want that too but in order to achieve it, you don't just need the right processes and frameworks, you need to set the right human conditions (physiological and psychological). WHAT MATTERS MOST IS THE INTERNAL CONDITION OF YOUR TEAM. Einstein said, "No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it."

We believe everyone is creative and that your team is capable of delivering the solutions you need and we’ve seen it work not just with the Magic but with several teams just like yours.

People care about what they help to create. This is why you want your people to drive the progress rather than hire outsiders to solve challenges for you. And when you do a culture of innovation emerges.

We use our unique facilitation process to help leaders transform their teams to effectuate change.

Our group of advisors from a wide field of expertise will point you in the right direction while we facilitate the process to ensure you make progress quickly.

We are your #1 Sidekick.

What Makes Us Unique

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We use tactical, science-backed tools to maximize your team’s physiology and psychology to perform better together whether it’s to craft a shared vision, innovate from within, or see fresh perspectives.


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We’re Sidekicks; we don’t create the solutions. We guide your team to create breakthrough solutions on their own. Your team becomes engaged because they feel ownership, not overburdened, and build skills to solve future challenges together.

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We get what you do because we've led change in real organizations. We've designed and facilitated hundreds of collaborative sessions that include pre-project buy-in with leaders, and post-project support to ensure projects get implemented.

Meet Your Sidekicks

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Adam Michael Allison


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