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Use Story to Change Attitudes, Behaviors, And Beliefs

Stories have the power to change our attitudes, behaviors and beliefs. What are the 3 key factors and what is the surprising result of the story being labeled fact or fiction?

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Leadership Change

How to Get Leaders to Adopt Change

In this video, I share the two things you need to do to guide your leaders to adopt change. Win the day!

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Generation Effect (2)

How to Make Your Audience Remember More

If you’ve ever wanted to know “why” you shouldn’t just share what you know when teaching your colleagues or kids - watch this!

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3 tools for regaining control

How To Regain Control When Facilitating

In this video, we share 3 tools to regain control with your group without losing credibility. Win the day!

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How to Facilitate Executives

How to Facilitate Executives

In this video we share a LOT of tools to help with what to do when you are called to facilitate for a group of folks you feel have more authority. Win the day!

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Innovation is a team sport

How To Make Your Group Outcomes Richer

In this video we share a tactic for creating better team driven solutions and decisions in a way that strengthens the diverse voices you invite to participate. There is also a really great quote!

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