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minimize threat maximize openness (1)

How To Minimize Threat and Maximize Openness

What is the prerequisite for your group to work together? In this video we share the answer and specific tools you can use to help your team work better together starting right now.

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You're not just welcome, you're invited

You’re Not Just Welcome, You’re Invited

What does the difference between being welcome to join and being invited to join mean for your team? In this video we share a Sidekick Facilitation Design Principle, You're Not Just Welcome, You're Invited.

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Forget the Q&A

How to Have an Engaging Q&A

The way we instinctively put together learning experiences such as Q&As often do the opposite of what we want. So, how do you engage your group? We'll show you how in this video...

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How to Focus

What brings your focus back after distraction? It’s your Focus Recalibration Protocol (FRP)? In this video I give you several tools you can use to build your FRP.

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Predicting Brain (1)

5 Ways To Use Your Predicting Brain To Lead More Effectively

We make tens of thousands of predictions everyday - our minds are prediction machines. It’s just that no one has shown you what data those predictions are made of and how you can tweak the way the data is interpreted and presented to help your team.

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If you Facilitate, don't Participate Thumbnail

If you Facilitate, Don’t Participate

In this video, I share the problem that comes up when business teams get stuck without a facilitator. I also share 2 pitfalls for leaders who attempt to facilitate AND participate and why if you try you are going against your own physiology.

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Problem to Outcome Thumbnail Final (1)

Formula for Solving Challenges

When you focus on the problem you empower the problem but when you focus on the outcome you want to create, you empower the solution. In this video, I share the formula for unlocking your business team's abilities to solve challenges.

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